The second public workshop related to a Vance Air Force Base Joint Land Use Study is set for Wednesday.

Scheduled 6-8 p.m., the workshop will allow attendees to learn about and have the opportunity to provide input on the compatibility issues that have been identified.

The city of Enid, in cooperation with Vance and other agencies and organizations in the region, is preparing the JLUS to address land use and compatibility planning around the base, according to a city news release. The goal is to protect the viability of current and future military mission and operations while guiding community growth, sustaining the environmental and economic health of the region and protecting public health, safety and welfare.

There will be one more Vance JLUS public workshop held at a later date.

The city received a grant from the Office of Economic Adjustment through the Office of the Secretary of Defense to prepare the study, including Kegelman Air Force Auxiliary Field in Alfalfa County, Enid Woodring Regional Airport, related military operations areas, military training routes and surrounding communities. 

Input, concerns, recommendations or comments may be submitted at

The Wednesday workshop will be held in the Nick Benson Ballroom at Central National Bank Center, 301 S. Independence.

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