Thirty-nine boxes filled with a touch of home for the holidays are in the hands of deployed Team Vance Airmen around the world, thanks to a dedicated crew of volunteer bakers.

Each of the 39 boxes included five dozen cookies, ranging from white-chocolate-macadamia nut and oatmeal-raisin to gingerbread and chocolate-mint.

The boxes also contained greeting cards from the 71st Flying Training Wing commander and students at Eisenhower Elementary School on base.

More than three dozen volunteers reported to the Community Chapel Activity Center to bake the culinary delights and pack the 39 boxes for Operation Cookie Cutter. The almost $500 postage cost for mailing the cookies was picked up by an anonymous benefactor in the Enid community.

In addition to the cookies baked by the volunteers, many of the 2,774 cookies prepared for Operation Cookie Cutter came from Vance service organizations. The Officers' Spouses' Club, the Enlisted Spouses Group, Student Squadron Spouses, the Company Grade Officers' Council, the Rising 4, Focus 5/6 and the Top 3 provided both cookie dough and baked cookies.

Even the cookie shop in the Oakwood Mall donated six dozen cookies.

Operation Cookie Cutter has supplied a taste of home to deployed Airmen from Vance for at least the past two decades, said Tech. Sgt. Amy Snyder, the Readiness NCO with the Airman & Family Readiness Center.

Snyder organized this year's cookie mailing.

"About half of the cookies were delivered to the CCAC already baked," Snyder said. The other half arrived still in a dough state.

"One lady brought in 400 cookies she had baked during her child's nap time," Snyder said.

Some of the cookie dough came from the Vance Commissary. A refrigerator was placed at the front of the store so customers could buy cookie dough and donate to Operation Cookie Cutter.

Members of the 71st Communications Squadron volunteered to transport the packed boxes to the Enid Post Office for mailing.

Cookies left over were put into freezer bags with crackers and stored in the freezers in the CCAC to stay fresh for distribution to single Airmen in the dormitories and during the base Christmas Tree lighting at 5 p.m., Dec. 2.

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