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Enid's daily water consumption for the month of February. (Provided by the city of Enid)

ENID, Okla. — While the city’s daily average water usage has nearly doubled since last week, Enid residents are being urged to limit nonessential water usage as the temperature rises and city crews fix issues in the water system.

Limiting water would stave off an emergency and a potential boil water notice, Public Utilities Director David Hunter said in a city news release Friday.

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Thursday’s total water usage came to 12.4 million gallons, according to the city.

Averaging just under 11 million gallons per day since Monday, the city has been exceeding its normal usage by several million gallons, Hunter said.

Average daily use is normally under 6-6.5 million gallons a day — February’s monthly average so far has risen to more than 7.6 million gallons.

In the winter, the city typically expects lower-than-normal water usage because fewer people are watering their lawns, city spokesperson Derrick Silas said.

As the ice melts and pipes unfreeze, there may be potential leaks in the water system, according to the release, and residents are urged to contact the city if any shutoffs need to occur.

The following tips are encouraged as the temps rise above freezing:

• Reduce water usage as much as possible.

• If you have heat in your home, please do not drip faucets or leave them running.

• Open cabinets to prevent any pipes from freezing.

• If you are leaving faucets dripping, capture the water to use for other purposes and activities, such as toilets.

Additionally, the following city facilities will be closed due to inclement weather:

• Meadowlake Golf Course closed until Tuesday.

• Recycle Center closed until Monday.

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