FORT LEE, Va. – Military commissaries are highlighting energy-saving products during October as the Department of Defense observes National Energy Action Month.

Energy Action Month promotes sustainability and energy efficiency, while encouraging the smart use of resources including energy, water and transportation. It helps bring attention to energy usage, and encourages development of lasting energy efficiencies.

This October, commissaries are promoting energy efficient light-emitting diode (LED) lightbulbs as well as high-efficiency (HE) dish and laundry detergents.

“It’s important that our patrons know the commissary can help them save even more when they decide to cut energy costs with energy efficient lighting,” said Matthew Perry, a marketing and mass communication specialist at the Defense Commissary Agency’s headquarters at Fort Lee, Virginia. “We have competitive prices and a wide selection of LED bulbs. And they’ll save on laundry costs as well, with great prices on high-efficiency detergents from the top brands.”

Energy conservation isn’t just for patrons. DeCA saves appropriated funds by implementing energy-efficient features in stores, said Kyle Seiling, DeCA’s energy program manager.

“DeCA has been a leader when it comes to energy conservation,” Seiling said. “In our stores, we are replacing less-efficient lighting with natural light and LED bulbs, and we now use glass doors on most of our refrigeration cases.

DeCA’s energy-saving leadership is paying off. According to Seiling, when compared to commercial supermarkets, commissaries are about 40% more energy efficient, and their annual water usage has been reduced by 30% from 2007 levels.

The agency also promotes various conservation-minded products year round, Perry said. “DeCA has participated in Earth Day celebrations in April for years, and we’ve taken the lead as a retailer in promoting high-efficiency cleaning products and LED lightbulbs to encourage our customers to adopt their use, as well as to satisfy customers who have requested their availability in our stores.

For more information on National Energy Action Month and simple ways to reduce your energy usage, visit the Department of Energy’s Energy Saver site.

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