Awards were presented to 11 junior officers during the graduation ceremonies last Friday for Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Classes 19-10 and 19-16.

Six officers from Class 19-10 were presented awards, while Class 19-16 presented awards to five graduates.

Class 19-10

T-1 Track

In Class 19-10’s T-1 track, six awards were presented to four officers.

2nd Lt. Eric Jordan won both the Academic Award and the Flying Training Award, while 2nd Lt. Jake Apthorpe was the Distinguished Graduate and took home the AETC Commander’s Trophy.

The Leadership Award was presented to 2nd Lt. Dylan Sharpy and 2nd Lt. David Fredrickson won the General Risner Award.

T-38 Track

Class 19-10 presented six awards in its T-38 track, with one officer claiming five of those awards.

2nd Lt. Zachary Williams was presented the Leadership Award, Flying Training Award, Distinguished Graduate, AETC Commander’s Trophy and General Risner Award.

2nd Lt. Fahad al Binhar won the Academic Award.

Class 19-16

T-1 Track

Three officers took home six awards in Class 19-16’s T-1 Track.

2nd Lt. Travis Bryan won four of those awards: the Academic Award, Flying Training Award, Distinguished Graduate and AETC Commander’s Trophy.

2nd Lt. Christopher Allen won the General Risner Award and Capt. Godfrey Brackney was presented the Leadership Award.

T-38 Track

Six awards in the T-38 track were evenly split between two officers.

2nd Lt. Jordan Kendall won the Academic Award, Distinguished Graduate and AETC Commander’s Trophy, while 2nd Lt. Sarah Osborne took home the Leadership Award, Flying Training Award and General Risner Award.