The world needs you to use your gifts for good

What is your greatest power? Think about it.

Is your greatest power your voice? Actions? Money? Silence? Leadership? Counseling? Following directions? Only you can decide what is your greatest strength and gift.

If people thought longer and talked shorter, this would be a much better world in which to live, and it would be a much more constructive world. While perhaps a third of the people of the earth are hungry, millions of them homeless, and with millions in all lands disillusioned, there is threat of another war ... another war that could become a world war.

Why another war? Who is to fight it, and for what? Who is to pay for it? Let us talk peace. Let us talk about constructive things. Let us concentrate on trying to make this a happier world, with less fear to face the born and unborn. Let us talk about the spiritual values, so essential to human brotherhood, and less of the material values that unbalance the world.

The power of good talk cannot be measured. Good talk creates understanding. It is misunderstandings at the root of all discord, here and abroad. National aspirations have no place in talk about internal aspirations. The two are separate. National issues consist of self unity. The latter is of world-wide unity. If, as a nation, we cannot get along happily together, how are we to establish a world state that will be just and peaceable?

A false or harsh statement has faster legs than any true, kind one. The false leaves nothing but evil behind. It leaves an atmosphere charged with hatred that lives on and on. Its very victories are charged with lies and deceptions and misrepresentations.

Is it any wonder that the messages and addresses of good will keep living on, influencing all noble enterprises of nations? And take the brief talks of our Lord Jesus to fishermen, to townspeople, to his followers, and the whole wide world ... can anyone measure such power as His words have had in building character and a better world? What other talk in all history can even compare to the Sermon on the Mount?

A friend sent me this little poem which I have read over and over and thought about many times. I wonder what my greatest power is? Why? A gift? What makes me think and do what I do? According to her sweet poem:

“Our greatest power is the power to be.

To be more loving.

To be more courageous.

To be more joyous.

To be more friendly.

To be more sensitive.

To be more aware.

To be more forgiving.

To be more tolerant.

To be more humble.

To be more patient.

To be more helpful.

To be a greater human being”

That is a pretty tall order, as my grandfather used to say. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if everyone lived with that philosophy? We don’t have to be doormats to take on some of these traits. We could all improve some in many areas. Some of us more than others. This could be a near-perfect world if we could do even half of these suggestions.

Who would be willing to evaluate his or her character assets on the basis of what they are at present? We all hope to believe that tomorrow or next year or when we are older we will find radical changes. Our perpetual desire is to arrive at the next station of character development and achievement. Our great faith is founded on the fact that human nature can be radically transformed.

This hope cannot become a great incentive until we have analyzed carefully our own immediate surroundings. Individuals can do little to change the entire world. But, however, we can change what we can and that is ourselves. We hear all around us the possibility of throwing off the shackles of hate and greed. But do we? Human nature has always acted in a warlike way and we almost have come to believe that wars are inevitable. Is that war within our own selves?

If we are idealistic enough to advocate application of biblical teaching concerning service and sharing in the modern world, we are met with discouraging rebuke that people, by nature, are selfish and self-centered. What we all need to do is go back and read the reminder about our greatest powers. It all begins with ourselves. We cannot change the world or anything around us until we change the way we think and do things that only we alone can do.

So, are we satisfied with our present “self”? Can we change what is necessary to make this a better world with present situations around us? Can we begin by cleaning off our own doorsteps? Can we look more inside ourselves and less outside ourselves for solutions and answers.

Maybe, just maybe, we need to review our lives. A robust set of morals and ethics will see us through any dilemmas we face. Make a change, if only so subtle. Good results come with hard work and discipline. Keep the momentum going until goals are reached. Refuse to let anyone’s negative or caustic relationships cause us to give up. Follow our own intuition and trust and believe in ourselves. Me? Who, me? Yes, me! I am my greatest power.

This cool salad/dessert is so easy and yet soooooo good. Perfect for summer.

Cherry Cottage Cheese Salad

1 large carton cottage cheese

1 regular package cherry gelatin (dry)

1 can cherry pie filling

1 (8-ounce) carton Cool Whip

Mix all together and chill. Note: Use any flavored gelatin and pie filling desired.

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