Joe Malan


Joe Malan

Back around — gosh, I can’t remember ... 2000, maybe — I remember getting my very first cassette-tape album.

It was “Europop” by Eiffel 65.

For those of you who don’t remember, they were the ones that did that “Blue” song (“I’m blue, da ba di da ba dai ...”).

A dozen or so years later, Eiffel 65 might be gone, but dance music is alive and well ... in the United States, that is.

I remember back in the early-2000s, if you were an American, you would probably get teased by someone if you were caught listening to dance music (incorrectly dubbed “techno” by those arrogant of the genre).

How many people today can say the same thing?

While there’s still likely some cheesy Euro-dance being made, it’s no secret that the sounds of dance music have found their way and flourished in the US of A.

Look at David Guetta. About 10 years ago, very few people in the United States could tell you who David Guetta was.

Currently ranked No. 5 on DJ Mag’s list of the world’s 100 top DJs, the Frenchman can be credited as being one of the musicians to bring dance music to the United States.

Other famous DJs, including Tiesto, Avicii and Calvin Harris have followed suit.

Without getting too snobby, there are many forms of music that follow under the umbrella of “dance” — EDM, house, progressive, to name a few.

Call it whatever you like ... but take a look at today’s music charts, and you’ll see that good ol’ “Europop” is here for good.

Joe Malan is editor of the GetOut! section. Email him at

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